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July 2017

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The July 2017 Liturgy Notes provides updates to the music suggestions and children's liturgy suggestions for July and August and updates to the Liturgy Handbook (menu to the right). Please note especially UPDATES to the schedule for ministry training below.


NEW! APMN's "Sing With Joy: United in Diversity" Conference!

"Sing with Joy: United in Diversity" is the

Australian Pastoral Musicians Network
3rd National Conference, to be held in

Perth, 5-7 October, 2017.


Featuring David Haas, one of the pre-

eminent contemporary composers of
liturgical music, and Professor Clare
Johnson, Director of the ACU Centre for
Liturgy and Chair of the National Liturgical
Music Board.


The conference website launched on 10

February. Registrations will be available

from 20 February! Early Bird closes June.


The website includes program timetable,

keynotes, workshop info, venue info,

accommodation options, sponsors, exhibits,

and a handy FAQ. The website is mobile

friendly, providing a ready reference

before and during the conference.


UPDATED! Music Suggestions in the Liturgy Handbook

The music suggestions page in the Liturgy Handbook has been updated with links to music recommendations for the Sundays of Year A 2016-2017. Suggestions for Lent and the Triduum are now available. Music suggestions include item number references to the recently released Catholic Worship Book II.


Here are quick links for February-April:




14th Sunday in Ordinary Time (July 9)

15th Sunday in Ordinary Time (July 16)

16th Sunday in Ordinary Time (July 23)

17th Sunday in Ordinary Time (July 30)


For more suggestions August 2017 and onward, go here.


UPDATED! Children's Liturgy Section in the Liturgy Handbook

Our Kids Liturgy page outlines the nature of Sunday Children's Liturgy of the Word and the ministry of Leader of Children's Liturgy of the Word. It also provides ready access to resources, including hyper-links to the weekly recommendations for leaders prepared by The Liturgy Centre, Catholic Diocese of Auckland. Direct hyper-links to the weekly recommendations will be added as they become available. Here are the quick links for January-February:



14th Sunday in Ordinary Time, 9th July 2017

15th Sunday in Ordinary Time, 16th July 2017

16th Sunday in Ordinary Time, 23rd July 2017

17th Sunday in Ordinary Time, 30th July 2017

Transfiguration of the Lord, 6th August 2017

19th Sunday in Ordinary Time, 13th August 2017

20th Sunday in Ordinary Time, 20th August 2017

21st Sunday in Ordinary Time, 27th August 2017


UPDATED! Liturgical Ministry Training 2017

Ministry training has now completed for 2017. Next Diocesan Ministry Training for Acolytes, Altar Servers and Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion will be in 2018.


Assistance with parish-based ministry training provided by the Diocesan Liturgical Commission on request.


For further information, please contact Paul Mason 4222 2462 For bookings, please contact Helen Bennett on 02 4222 2403 or



The Joy and Beauty of Sunday:
The Renewal of Music Ministry in Sunday Worship

Launched by Bishop Peter Ingham

Sunday 28 May 2017

St Thomas Aquinas Church, 2 Bendooley Street Bowral 2576


The launch event was well attended and concluded with Mass celebrated by Bishop Peter Ingham. The new Catholic Worship Book II provided the vehicle for a review of new repertoire possibilities. It is available for purchase from Morning Star Publishing.


The Joy and Beauty of Sunday initiative for the review and renewal of music ministry in Sunday Worship is now underway. In addition to reviewing and renewing repertoire for singing at Mass, the Office of Renewal and Evangelisation is offering Parish-based music ministry renewal days from September to November 2017. These are focussed on development of parish music ministry models, worship aids, communications, scholarships for cantors and accompanists (guitar, piano and organ), and copyright reporting. The Diocese has announced the purchase of a Diocesan-wide copyright license with One License. Training and support in the use of this license is also offered as part of the Parish-based music ministry renewal days.


For further information, and to arrange your parish music group participation, please contact Paul Mason 4222 2462 Bookings essential; please contact Helen Bennett on 02 4222 2403 or


UPDATED! Welcoming and Hospitality Section in the Handbook

The new Welcoming section in the Liturgy area describes the critical part hospitality and welcoming play in liturgy. Here you will find resources to help explore and develop welcoming liturgy.


NEW! PSALMIST Cantor and Accompanist Scholarships for 2017

The Diocese is pleased to be offering tuition scholarships for cantors of the psalm and accompanists (organ, piano and guitar) for parishes and schools throughout the Diocese. Details of the PSALMIST Scholarships Program are available here. For further details, please contact Paul Mason on 02 4222 2462 or


Revised Rite of Confirmation 2017

This year sees the second year of implementation of the revised Rite of Confirmation. There are significant changes to the text of the Rite, the sacramental preparation and the celebration of the Rite. The In-Service held 20 February 2016 at the Xavier Centre Wollongong was attended by more than 70 Priests, Sacramental Preparation Coordinators and Team Members from parishes around the Diocese.  Resources from the In-Service are now available on the Confirmation page on this website.


A new bulletin insert resource has been added to the Confirmation page in May.


Diocesan Certificate in Pastoral Liturgy

This course provides practical knowledge, skills and approaches in liturgy for people who take active roles in preparing, leading and coordinating liturgy, liturgical music and sacramental preparation in parishes or schools.


The course is modelled on the Certificate of Pastoral Liturgy previously offered through the Catholic Institute of Sydney. The Diocese of Wollongong began offering this course in 2015, with an initial intake of eleven students. The first graduates of the course will receive their certificates in July 2017. The course is not running during 2017 due to other priorities.


The course is led by Dr Carmel Pilcher rsj, Rev Dr David Orr osb and Paul Mason.  Each unit comprises three weekends. More details in the brochure and on the web page.


Pastoral Associates - Liturgy Coordinators - Liturgy Committee Members - Music Coordinators - Choir Directors - RCIA Coordinators - Sacramental Coordinators This course is for you!


Enrolment Applications

Please refer to the flyer and the enrolment form for further information, or contact Paul Mason by email or phone 02 4222 2462.


All the best,

Paul Mason

Coordinator of Liturgy

Diocese of Wollongong



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