Mass celebrated by Bishop

A Mass celebrated by the Bishop for a special occasion requires planning, preparation and coordination. The online form "Preparation Checklist for Mass celebrated by Bishop Brian Mascord" helps facilitate the planning and preparation, and the resultant Liturgy Outline provides a formal means of coordination within the parish and communication between the parish and the Bishop.


Please note: Blessings are not given during the communion procession unless by prior written consent of the bishop for a special circumstance. It is inappropriate for non-communicants to join the communion procession and then cross their arms in front of the bishop to indicate they do not wish to communicate.


Please fill out the online form below and upload the Liturgy Master, any draft booklet or PowerPoint presentation, together with the Prayer of the Faithful and any other documentation in the spaces provided on the form. Download the sample Liturgy Master Template, which can be edited to customise for your celebration. The Liturgy Master will be inserted into Bishop's binder for use during the celebration.


Click on any of the Question Marks located throughout the form to view helpful hints and guidance for completing the form.


Before proceeding to the form, you have the option to enter a usercode and password. Once your user account is established you may progressively fill out the form in stages, storing it for future completion by pressing "Save Partial Work" at the bottom of the form.


It is not necessary to complete the entire form before submitting it. It is necessary to complete the following sections prior to submitting - Event Details, Person Submitting, General Information, Choices and Music. You can subsequently update your submission with additional information, especially Minister Details, at a later stage.


The form, the Liturgy Master and attachments must be submitted at least three weeks prior to  the celebration of the Mass. Immediately after submission you will receive the Liturgy Outline briefing document for the Bishop, based on the information you have provided. Within seven days you will receive feedback and confirmation of the Liturgy Outline from the Bishop's Office.


If you have any questions regarding the use of the form and the resulting Liturgy Outline, please contact Paul Mason, Coordinator of Liturgy, 02 4222 2462, or email the Liturgy Office.



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