Called to Ministry

Through our baptism, we are called to participate in Jesus Christ's priestly ministry. As a member of the Body of Christ, joining the apostles and saints who have gone before us, we are anointed Priest, Prophet and King to continue the work of Christ in the world today.


Ministry Directory


There is a diversity of ministry to which we are all called. This section of the Liturgy Handbook provides synopses of the various ministries, ordained and lay. Each synopsis identifies:

  • a brief description of the work in which this particular ministry participates.
  • the commitment of time required to participate in this particular ministry.
  • the spiritual gifts of special significance to this particular ministry.
  • the requirements, including training, for admission to this particular ministry.
  • details regarding ministry authorisation for this particular ministry.
  • relevant forms.
  • resources and sources for more information.


Ministry synopses are being added to the Liturgy Handbook website progressively from July 2015, beginning with the ministry of Acolyte.




Ministry Directory



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