providing secure and accurate
contact information management,
enabling a safe, professional,
open and transparent Church in the
Catholic Diocese of Wollongong.


The formal journey to the establishment of a corporate contact management system began after a formal consultation process with the Council of Priests, Catholic Development Fund, Catholic Education, CatholicCare, the Diocesan Finance Council and the Diocesan Executive Council in November and December 2010.


In 2015 the Diocese considered in detail the strategic requirements for a database to meet our policy objectives with regard to compliance with the Privacy Act. Two strategic objectives emerged - (1) establishing a single source of truth for contact information for the diocese, and (2) reducing costs, system overlaps and duplication of work.


The Diocese determined the following core functional requirements for its corporate contact management system:

  • comprehensive secure contact records management,
  • training and other events management,
  • mail and email communications and campaign management,
  • ministry checks, verifications and authorisations,
  • SRE schools catechist teacher allocation, management and reporting,
  • donation and fundraising development and management,
  • professional standards and safeguarding records management,
  • privacy act obligations.


During 2016 discussions were held with representatives of the key stakeholders across the Diocese, including the various parts within the Office of the Bishop, Catholic Education, CatholicCare, CeNet, Catholic Development Fund, Clergy and Parishes. An evaluation sub-committee was established with representatives from each of these groups.


After supplier evaluations and detailed due diligence, the stakeholders met and agreed to recommend purchase of the thankQ package. Contracts were signed in September 2016.



On 30 September 2016 Bishop Peter Ingham formally announced the CathLink project to all clergy, religious, parishes, Diocesan agencies and staff.



CathLink will provide the Catholic Diocese of Wollongong with:

  1. A single Contact Relationship Management database system to meet the organisation's needs, including its strategic objectives for creating a safe church from within, and its obligations under the Privacy Act;
  2. Support for the processing needs of the Office of the Bishop (OOB) in the following areas:
    1. Development & Community Engagement: Comprehensive supporter relationship management and fundraising;
    2. Administration: Working With Children Check, National Criminal History Check and various ministry check verifications and ministry management;
    3. Media and Communications: Customer Contact Relationship Management for email campaigns;
    4. Office of Renewal and Evangelisation: Training events records management, Volunteer Ministry authorisation, including Catechist and other parish ministry authorisation, Special Religious Education schools reporting and administration;
    5. Safeguarding & Professional Standards: Professional Development training events records management.


There are significant advantages for parishes and the wider diocesan community as the project progresses.


Current Status

The legacy databases from Parish Services, Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, Development & Community Engagement, and Administration were successfully migrated by December 2017. Roll out has progressed since February 2018, with most modules now full implemented, together with related process support.


Today CathLink is the Diocese's core corporate database system for contact relationship management, supporter relationship, events and fundraising management, ministry check verifications and renewal management, ministry authorisations, training events records management, Special Religious Education schools reporting and administration, and professional development training event records management. The final major module - email campaign management and customer relationship management - will be implemented by the end of 2018.


A number of integrated CathLink modules are being incorporated in the new Diocesan website to provide online interactivity with a number of core functions of the database.



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