Common Psalms

The Lectionary includes twenty-two Common (Seasonal) Psalms. These may be used in place of the psalm of the day in order to facilitate the singing of the psalms in all Masses. The choice of Common Psalm should be guided by its relevance to the readings of the particular celebration. Suitable choices are indicated for each Sunday and feast day in the Repertoire recommendations.


Click the links below for brief descriptions of each of the Common Psalms.


Psalm 19

Psalm 22

Psalm 25

Psalm 27

Psalm 34

Psalm 47

Psalm 51

Psalm 63

Psalm 66

Psalm 72

Psalm 85

Psalm 91

Psalm 95

Psalm 98

Psalm 100

Psalm 103

Psalm 104

Psalm 118

Psalm 122

Psalm 130

Psalm 136

Psalm 145



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