Confirmation 2018


Parish Confirmation celebrated by Bishop Brian Mascord requires planning, preparation and coordination. The following resources and online forms are provided to help facilitate the planning and preparation of your parish Confirmation celebrations. The resultant Liturgy Outline and Liturgy Master provides a formal means of coordination within the parish and communication between the parish and the Bishop.


Pastoral Guidance for the Preparation and Celebration of Confirmation Draft v1.1 2018 (PDF)

Pastoral Guidance Appendices Draft v1.1 2018 (PDF)

Template 1: Order for the Conferral of Confirmation without Mass (MS Word)

Template 2: Order for the Conferral of Confirmation within Mass (MS Word)

Template 3: Optional Introductory Rites including Presentation of Symbols (for use with the Order of Conferral of Confirmation Without Mass) (MS Word)


Additional Resources

The following resources are provided to assist in the preparation of the celebration of Confirmation:


NEW! Parishes are being provided access to LiturgyHelp to facilitate local parish preparation of the Confirmation Liturgy Master, as recommended in the Pastoral Guidance.


A new resource has been produced, as requested at the 2017 in-service, to provide a one-page (double-sided) handout on the key changes to the Rite. It covers (1) the Renewal of Baptismal Promises, (2) the Laying On of Hands, (3) the Anointing with Chrism, and (4) an overview of the Gifts of the Spirit. It can be distributed as is, or used to provide multiple Bulletin Notices spread over a four week period.


The Music Recommendations have been updated for 2018. The drop-down selections for music in the form have been updated to include popular selections used by Parishes in the 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 celebrations.


Music Recommendations for Confirmation 2018


Sheet music and an mp3 learning aid are also provided for "Receive the Power," which Bishop Peter Ingham recommends be included in celebrations of Confirmation in the Diocese.


"Receive the Power" World Youth Day sheet music

"Recieve the Power" lyrics

"Receive the Power" mp3


Revised Rite of Confirmation

Since 2016 the texts of the Rite of Confirmation were revised and a number of changes to the liturgy and to sacramental preparation were required. Details are outlined in the following documents for 2017:


In-Service Resources

Bulletin Notice Article: The Gifts of the Holy Spirit


Preparation Checklist and Liturgy Outline Forms

Click the links below to view the online forms.

Form for Confirmation without Mass

Form for Confirmation within Mass


Please fill out the online form at least three weeks prior to the celebration, and upload the Liturgy Master, the draft booklet and the PowerPoint presentation, together with the Prayer of the Faithful and any other documentation in the spaces provided on the form. Click on any of the Question Marks located throughout the form to view helpful hints and guidance for completing the form.


If you have more than one session that uses the exact same program of readings and music, and the same booklet or slides, then you do not need to complete a separate form. Provision is made to include up to three sessions using the same Master Liturgy.


The form and attachments must be submitted at least three weeks prior to  the celebration of the Mass. Immediately after submission you will receive the initial Liturgy Outline briefing document for the Bishop, based on the information you have provided. You can use the Liturgy Outline as a means of coordinating the various parish ministries involved in preparing the liturgy. The Liturgy Master will be printed at the Office of the Bishop and inserted into Bishop Mascord's Confirmation Celebrant Folder, which he will bring with him to the Confirmation.


If you have any questions regarding the Pastoral Guidance, the preparation of the Master Liturgy, the use of the form and the resulting Liturgy Outline, please contact Paul Mason, Coordinator of Liturgy, 02 4222 2462, or email the Liturgy Office.



Liturgy Office


Liturgy Handbook