Diocesan Liturgical Commission


The Diocesan Liturgical Commission is appointed by the Bishop to facilitate the liturgical formation and education of the faithful, and to promote active participation in liturgy by all Christ's faithful (c.f. Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, #44). The Commission also assists the Bishop in the introduction of new and revised liturgical rites and the preparation and promulgation of policy and guidelines regulating various aspects of the liturgy and liturgical ministry as it pertains to the Diocese of Wollongong (GIRM #386-394).


Current Membership

Bishop Peter Ingham

Fr David Catterall (Chair)

Paul Mason (Executive Officer)

Noel Meddows (Secretary)

Sr Eileen Brown

Helen Crocco

Trish Hyett

Robyn O'Dea

Beth Riolo

Mark Sieler

Fr Stephen Varney



Terms of Reference

The Diocesan Liturgical Commission operates within the attached Terms of Reference.



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