This section of the Liturgy Handbook provides quick access to a variety of liturgy preparation check-lists and forms for use in parishes and schools, as well Diocesan Liturgy Preparation Check-lists, a Ministry Inquiry form, the Working With Children Check (WWWC) form, the Diocesan Choir membership form and the PSALMIST Scholarship forms.


If you have any questions regarding the use of the forms, please contact Paul Mason, Coordinator of Liturgy, 02 4222 2462, or by email.


Liturgy Preparation Check-lists for Parishes and Schools

These are in development and will be introduced over the next six months.


Diocesan Liturgy Preparation Check-lists

The various Liturgy Preparation Check-lists used within the Diocese for Episcopal Masses, Confirmations and Blessings are in the process of review and updating. In future all these will be available on-line.


Mass and Confirmation forms have been in trial for over a year now, with very positive feedback from parishes and schools.


The initial platform, Adobe FormsCentral, is being retired at the end of June 2015. The new platform is FormSite. It provides much greater work flow automation. All forms will be updated to the FormSite platform by 20 June 2015.


The Preparation Check-list for Mass celebrated by Bishop Peter Ingham is now available here.


The Liturgy Outline and Confirmation Information Form is now available here.


Simply complete the form and submit. You can complete the form in stages, saving your progress as you go. You should email a saved copy to your priest for his approval prior to making your final submission.


Please submit the form at least three weeks prior to the event. Your submission will be reviewed and a response provided within seven (7) days.


Diocesan Choir Membership

This form is now available here.


PSALMIST Scholarship forms

Details of the scholarship programs are available here. Application forms, together with a description of the application process, and Reimbursement Forms are available below:


  Cantor Scholarship Application Form

  Reimbursement Form



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