Liturgical Ministry Authorisation

New Diocesan Process (August, 2015)

In August 2015 the Diocese inaugurated a new ministry authorisation process for Acolytes, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Adult Altar Servers, Ministers to the Sick and Dying and other liturgical ministries. The new process sees the introduction of Ministry Engagement Forms, similar to the Teacher Engagement Forms implemented for Catechists. Click here for the 2015 Minister Authorisation Process. Click here for forms referenced in the Minister Authorisation Process, including sample Minister Engagement Form (WWCC) for ministries requiring a Working With Children Check and sample Minister Engagement Form for other ministries.


New CathLink Diocesan Contact Database (November, 2017)

In November 2016 the Diocese approved the introduction of a new corporate contact database - CathLink - to support the Diocese's various needs including ministry authorisation, volunteer management, ministry training records management, professional standards and safeguarding records management, SRE government reporting, fundraising, and its obligations under the Privacy Act for the collection and secure storage of sensitive and personal data. Based on thankQ software, the CathLink system went live in November 2017.

Forms related to the new system are available here.







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