Data Collection Notice

  1. In expressing interest as a volunteer minister with the Diocese of Wollongong you will be providing personal information to us. As you would be aware the Privacy Act (1988) was extended to non-government organisations such as the Catholic Church on 21 December, 2001. The Diocese of Wollongong is committed to our obligations under the National Privacy Principles that relate to the handling of all personal and sensitive information.

  2. The Diocese of Wollongong collects personal information about lay ministers in order to:
    1. assess and process applications and enrolments for the liturgical ministry training courses, retreats and any other events hosted by the Diocese of Wollongong;
    2. circulate notices, letters, bulletins, brochures, forms or papers needed by liturgical ministers;
    3. keep a database of information for statistical data, records and reports;
    4. conduct any other communication that may be needed in the course of the work of the Diocese of Wollongong.

  3. The Diocese of Wollongong gives an undertaking that great care is taken with personal information provided. All information is kept secure. Our database is password protected and is accessible by only a small number of staff. Lists of names and addresses are not shared with other organisations or third parties.

  4. Please note that if you do not choose to provide us with necessary information you may not be able to work as a volunteer liturgical minister for the Diocese of Wollongong. The information kept by the Diocese of Wollongong is for the use of the Diocese of Wollongong only. Disclosure of your personal information to a third party will not occur without your permission.

  5. If you wish to access your personal information, have it updated or deleted please contact in writing: Paul Mason, Coordinator of Liturgy, PO Box 1239 WOLLONGONG NSW 2500



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