Working With Children Check

The New South Wales Government is implementing a new Working with Children Check that covers more people, is more comprehensive and provides better protection for children. The new model is closely aligned with what is happening in other States across Australia.


The new Working with Children Check involves a national criminal history check and a review of reported workplace misconduct. The result of this check is either a clearance to work with children for five years or a bar against working with children. A big improvement with this check is that all individuals given clearance will be issued a number that can be used for any paid or unpaid child-related work in NSW.


Under the new check:

  • Workers and volunteers will apply for their own check once every five years
  • Employers will verify the clearance numbers of their volunteers
  • Everyone undergoes the same check regardless of their worker or volunteer status
  • The new checks will be ‘free’ for volunteers who minister in child related areas
  • Everyone with a clearance will be monitored for serious sex or violence offences.


Diocesan Requirements for Working With Children Checks

The Diocese of Wollongong has identified the following volunteer ministries that involve working with children and require a current Working With Children Check:


  • Acolytes,
  • Adult Altar Servers,
  • Catechists,
  • Children's Liturgy of the Word Leaders,*
  • Playgroup Coordinators,*
  • Sacramental Preparation Coordinators,*
  • Sacramental Preparation Team Members,*
  • Sacristans,
  • Music Ministers who work with children,* including:
    • Accompanists / Organists,
    • Cantors,
    • Cantors of the Psalm,
    • Choir Conductors / Choir Directors,
    • Choir Members,
    • Band Leaders,
    • Ensemble Leaders,
    • Music Coordinators,
    • Music Directors,
    • Musicians,
    • Projectionists and Audio-Visual Operators,
    • Voice Trainers,
    • Youth Ministers.


Those wishing to minister in these ministries need a Working With Children Check.


  • Please note that an exemption from the WWCC applies for parents or close relatives if they are volunteering in an activity that includes their own child or close relative.


To apply for your Working With Children Check, or to obtain more information, please visit the NSW State Government Office of the Children's Guardian website.


When applying:

  1. Fill in an online application form :
    1. Go to the website.
    2. Click the "Apply for your Check" or "Renew Your WWC Number".
    3. Fill in the form, being sure to select Volunteer as the Purpose for Check. Under Child-related sector, select Religious Services.
    4. The details you provide in the form must EXACTLY match your proof of identity,
    5. After submitting your form, you will receive an Application Receipt, including your Application Number.


  2. Present Proof of Identity:
    1. go to your nearest NSW Motor Registry, RMS Agency or Service NSW office (not your local Council).
      Find a location at
    2. Present your Application Number and proof of identity.
    3. You will receive your outcome and Working With Children Check number by email (or post if you don't have an email address).


When you have received your Working With Children Check number, please submit the details for verification by the Office of the Bishop using the form below, or by providing the details to you Parish Secretary, who will forward them to the Office of the Bishop for verification.


Once verified, you will be sent a Minister Engagement Form to formally authorise your ministry.


If you have any questions regarding the use of the form, please contact Paul Mason, Coordinator of Liturgy and Ministry, 02 4222 2462, or email the Liturgy Office.




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